About Us

Mission Statement

Our team builds more than robots, we build a community of minds that appreciate and promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).

Why are we the Spring Konstant?

Our name for the team is a pun based on the spring constant (represented by the variable ‘k’) in Hooke’s Law. The spring constant is a characteristic of a spring that measures the ratio of the force affecting the spring to the displacement caused by it. In other words, it describes how stiff a spring is and how much it will stretch or compress.

What’s up with the color?

Because this team is based within Dripping Springs, you may wonder, “Isn’t their school color maroon? What’s up with the teal?” This color has been specifically chosen to distinguish us from other teams making it easier to find the group with the teal-colored t-shirts.

Click here to meet the robots through the years!